New beta version with new features and improvements.

By Soduto

This week was really productive.

First, a new battery module was implemented, allowing to display device battery statuses and also to notify when battery charge gets too low. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to place battery icons as I initially intended - on the right of menu item. So currently they sit on the left. For now. Not that nice, but still informative.

Sharing module also received some love. Now you can share multiple files - a feature that I think was really missing on previous versions. Also now it is possible to send files not only through device menu, but also by simply dragging files onto Soduto icon in status bar. The same way you can send web links or text snippets too. The links would be imediately opened in a browser on the remote device and text snippets would be copied into clipboard on Android or opened in a text editor on Linux or macOS.

Finally, the backend got quite an upgrade. Now it should be more stable and reliable.

Grab the new version from here and check it out!

And as always, if you have any problems or suggestion you are very welcome to contact us and give your feedback. Cheers!