Soduto first beta is live!

By Soduto

Hello world! My name is Giedrius and I want to introduce my new application for macOS - Soduto.

Of course you wonder what is Soduto? Well, it might be called a young cousin of KDE Connect, which is a very nice open source project aimed at making various devices - phones, tablets or PC’s - work and communicate together. It allows sharing information and functionality between such devices easy and convenient. Sharing clipboard, files and notifications, remote mouse, remote keyboard and many other features - thats what is offered by KDE Connect and now also by Soduto. While KDE Connect works on Linux and Android, Soduto brings the same functionality to the macOS platform.

Well, ok, not exactly the same functionality. As I said, Soduto is a very young project - only several months old. So obviously, there are lots of missing features and some rough edges should be expected here or there. However I believe it is functional and stable enough to be useful at least for some users. Want to check it out? Grab the app from here, install and try it! Just don’t forget that you need to have counterpart installs of KDE Connect on your other devices (or Soduto if it is Mac) you want to work with.

I hope you will like Soduto and will find it useful. More features should come soon, so stay tuned!

PS. As you may have notices already, the website is very basic - no forum, no comments, no interactivity. But don’t worry - everything should come with a time. For now, if you have any questions, problems or suggestions - feel free to drop a line at

PPS. If you don’t find where Soduto is when you run it - well it sits in the status bar ;) See screenshots.