• Share multiple files, links or text snippets by dragging onto status menu icon.
  • Share files by selecting with open dialog.
  • Browse remote files with dedicated File Browser.
  • Delete, rename, move and copy remote files using File Browser.
  • Upload and download multiple files or even directories using File Browser.
  • Share clipboard content across all multiple devices transparently.


  • Desktop notifications for incoming phone calls.
  • Desktop notification for received SMS.
  • Muting phone call from desktop notification.
  • Replying to SMS from desktop notification.
  • Sending SMS to multiple people.
  • Contacts search and autocompletion.

Battery status

  • Display device battery status in device menu item.
  • Display notifications when critical battery charge is reached.

Find My Phone

  • Ring a phone in order to find it.


  • Open communication protocol compatible with KDE Connect v1.0+ software on Android and Linux.
  • Works over Wi-Fi or wired LAN connection.
  • TLS encryption.
  • Peer-to-peer communication without any 3rd parties involved.

System integration

  • macOS Sandboxing.
  • Encryption keys stored in system Keychain.
  • Native Cocoa interface.
  • Native desktop notifications.
  • macOS Address Book integration.
  • Built with Swift 4 for best performance and security.

System requirements

  • macOS 10.12 or later