Device is not visible by Soduto

There might be several reasons, why Soduto would not see other devices. Here are the most common problems and solutions:

  • Make sure that devices you want to pair have appropriate software installed and running. On macOS it would be Soduto and on Android or Linux it would be KDE Connect. To make sure the software is running, you may want to open configuration screens on both devices you try to pair.
  • Make sure devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi/LAN network.
  • If you have a firewall, make sure Soduto and KDE Connect are allowed to access network. Soduto and KDE Connect use dynamic ports in the range 1714-1764 for UDP and TCP. Make sure these ports are not blocked by your firewall or router.
  • VPN usage may interfere with Soduto communications - it depends on the setup, however its worth to keep this in mind.
  • If you use KDE Connect, make sure it is at least of version 1.0 or later. Earlier versions are not compatible with Soduto.

I cant’t remotely access my Android phone unless I turn on its screen and/or activate KDE Connect app

Normally Soduto should be able to access remote phone even if it is locked and inactive. However reality is more tricky and highly dependent on phone manufacturer or event particular phone model or Android version. Various manufacturers often implement their own tools for saving battery energy, which can decide to turn off inactive applications or limit network access. Such measures are most often the reason of connectivity problems. Please, check your phone energy saving settings and make sure that KDE Connect is not treated too strictly.

Where can I get more help?

If you experience any problems using Soduto, you are very welcome to drop us an email at