Soduto graduates from beta.

By Soduto

Yes, it’s official! Enough of all those pesky beta versions! Today a really solid and stable v1.0 is coming out :)

It’s been over a year since I started developing Soduto. I believe it is already stable and functional enough to be awarded with number 1.0. Many users have tried it, I myself use it everyday and it’s really useful! The foundation seems really strong and ready for the future, so yeah, lets leave the betas behind.

This doesn’t mean that Soduto is considered feature complete. It’s far from that and it has a long way to catch up its sibling KDE Connect. I am eagerly looking forward to implementing the missing peaces as soon as I can.

So whats new in this 1.0 version you may ask? Well, it is not a big feature release this time. Rather it is stability and polishing release. I took my time to make sure Soduto is as stable and reliable as never before. Network connectivity should be much better now. File transfer should be quicker in particular cases. New users I hope will have easier time when starting with Soduto as they would be greeted with a nice welcome screen and quick setup wizard. Furthermore, proper licensing and acknowledgments information is included - something that might not look important, but actually is necessary.

About acknowledgements. Given the occasion, I would like to thank to all 3rd party developers whose software is used in Soduto. CleanroomLogger, CocoaAsyncSocket, LibSSH2, MYUtilities, NMSSH, OpenSSL, Reachability.swift - these are the projects without which Soduto could not exist. Thanks again to all of you!

The new version is available here - grab it and enjoy (as always)!